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Second anniversary of Fade’s book launch

This coming Monday, May 31st, will mark the second anniversary of my second book launch which I shared with fellow writer, Chris Hall. This early evening event saw my third book, Fade: Shadows of the Past, join my two previous books, ‘Fire Angel: Genesis’ and ‘Fire Angel: Turning Point’ in the Fire Angel Universe, whileContinue reading “Second anniversary of Fade’s book launch”


My creative process Part 3

By the time I decided to create what would become the Fire Angel Universe I had already written a few short stories containing a number of characters that I knew I could integrate into my new superhero stories. I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs how I did this with some of the characters, such asContinue reading “My creative process Part 3”

The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 5

While working on Fade: Shadows of the Past, I knew that once the book was completed, I was going to return to Fire Angel. The question was where do I go from here, now that she had finally become a superhero? After asking a couple of people, the answer was the same: it was timeContinue reading “The creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 5”