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Blog #100

Here we are, a hundred blogs later! It’s been quite a ride and I’d like to thank you all who’ve been with me from the beginning and those who joined along the way, when you stumbled across the ramblings and musings of some guy who likes to write stories and share stories of writing thoseContinue reading “Blog #100”


News From The Writer’s Desk: SU-SU-SUPER SALES!

I mentioned back in my Christmas post that I was fortunate enough to have had a huge sale from my editor for Scorched Earth: Revolution, who bought the Fire Angel: Genesis/Fire Angel: Turning Point double-pack before ordering the rest of the series from Fade: Shadows of the Past to Scorched Earth: Takeover. A few weeksContinue reading “News From The Writer’s Desk: SU-SU-SUPER SALES!”

The Creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 9

When I came up with the idea of the whole story of the Scorched Earth trilogy, I actually started working on the ideas that showed up in this book before eventually working backwards to where the story began. The one thing that had me most excited about working on this book was that finally, mostContinue reading “The Creation of the Fire Angel Universe part 9”

News From The Writer’s Desk: Christmas Edition

This week I was both surprised and grateful to have received a HUGE sale from someone who recently bought my Fire Angel: Genesis/Fire Angel: Turning Point double pack, ordered the five remaining books of the series, Fade: Shadows of the past all the way to Scorched: Earth Takeover. Not a bad early Christmas gift, ifContinue reading “News From The Writer’s Desk: Christmas Edition”

News From The Writer’s Desk

This week, I’m happy to report that editing on the final book of the Scorched Earth trilogy, Scorched Earth: Revolution, is going well. The editor has just about reached the halfway mark of the book. At this rate I’m hoping to have the book published between the middle of January or the beginning of February,Continue reading “News From The Writer’s Desk”

News From The Writer’s Desk

Last week I was fortunate enough to have another sale of my first two novels, Fire Angel: Genesis and Fire Angel: Turning Point in a double pack. The lady who’s since begun reading them, has now offered to have a look at the first three chapters of Scorched Earth: Revolution to see if she canContinue reading “News From The Writer’s Desk”

The Future of the Fire Angel Universe part 5: Married with Children

I’ve spoken before about how characters in superhero comics and books need to evolve, without bringing characters back once they’ve been killed off, without putting new characters into old costumes to keep the identity alive, but rather let them forge their own superhero identities, and most of all without the reset button. One thing I’veContinue reading “The Future of the Fire Angel Universe part 5: Married with Children”

News From The Writer’s Desk

As we’re slowly approaching the end of the year and with no new published book in sight, I thought I’d give you guys an update this week on where things stand currently. After a couple of false starts and months of searching for a cover designer, I finally had success and a cover is underwayContinue reading “News From The Writer’s Desk”

Where It All Began part 9

July 2015, the story and the cover were finally ready to be sent in to ‘Print on Demand’ for editing and publishing. By August we were ready to move on to getting an ISBN number and so I waited… and waited… and waited. By September there’d been no news about what was happening with myContinue reading “Where It All Began part 9”