The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 1: Legacy

I’m starting to look beyond the Scorched Earth trilogy which I’m currently writing, and think about what’s to come in the future of the Fire Angel Universe. I’ve begun to consider the new characters who will soon make their debuts and I’ve even begun to ponder on the next generation of characters, especially since one of my characters is just a couple of months away from giving birth in her story.

When we look at the mainstream superheroes from Marvel and DC Comics and how the writers have handled their next generation, we see new characters take over existing superhero identities. But I find myself wondering if I’m happy with the idea of new characters taking over old roles, becoming the new Batman, the new Captain America for example, rather than forging their own identities. I recall a few years ago, the then Marvel Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada, was talking about how one should keep promoting popular characters. However, I believe one should also try and promote and elevate less popular and newer characters beyond the level of a sidekick, rather than merely shove them into an old costume to keep that superhero identity alive. With that said, there are times I will admit that the taking over of a superhero identity does work, but it’s only if there’s a good ‘in story’ reason for it to happen. Otherwise that identity should be left alone and new superheroes should emerge.

I recall Stan Lee mentioning a few months before he died that if he’d still been in charge of Marvel at that time, the Marvel Universe would be unrecognisable. This is the kind of future that I see for the Fire Angel Universe (should I be able to write it) with newer superheroes in place of the old and maybe the odd new character in an old costume.

What do you think, superhero fans?

2 thoughts on “The future of the Fire Angel Universe Part 1: Legacy

  1. This is a tricky one, Paul. I like seeing new versions of the same character, but prefer the tried and tested versions. I was introduced to the wonderful world of superheroes back in the 1970s, in a Justice League story that featured their Justice Society counterparts. So not only was I introduced to the then modern versions, I also learned about the earlier versions, some with the same names, some different. I was introduced on a bridge to the Multiverse, if you like. I’m OK with the Marvel characters, but more familiar with DC. I think anyone could be the hero as long as the story and character fit, but there’s a chance if a new character puts on the mask, they could easily just become a carbon copy of the original. That’s where the writing challenge begins.

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