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Second anniversary of Fade’s book launch

This coming Monday, May 31st, will mark the second anniversary of my second book launch which I shared with fellow writer, Chris Hall. This early evening event saw my third book, Fade: Shadows of the Past, join my two previous books, ‘Fire Angel: Genesis’ and ‘Fire Angel: Turning Point’ in the Fire Angel Universe, while Chris was launching her second novel, ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’. In the meantime, we were both already hard at work on our next projects, my book, ‘Fire Angel: Igniting the Spark’ and Chris’s, ‘Following the Green Rabbit’. (My personal favourite book of yours so far Chris!)

A pleasant evening was had by all at the Chelsea Café @ Gallery 91 in our home town of Somerset West. With the opening introduction done by Chris, both of us read a review of our new novels. Next followed our ‘Sip and Sup’ supper, consisting of soup, bread and wine with everyone gathered around the restaurant’s cosy fire – remember it’s winter in May here in South Africa! We rounded off the formalities with a Q&A session, where I mostly spoke about how I came up with the idea of Fade, which I’ve discussed previously here in the Backroom Bulletin. Then, of course, came the all-important signings and sales.

At the beginning of last year with our new books ready, Chris and I began early talks of having another book launch, but sadly those ideas were quickly quashed with the arrival of Covid. Now, with each of us since having completed another novel, and while in the midst of me writing the second book of the Scorched Earth trilogy and Chris in the midst of her latest project, the sequel to her ‘Song of the Sea Goddess’, we are once again planning for another launch. We have a couple of options open to us, including a newly-opened independent book shop in our home town, Bookworms. We’re just hoping we’ll be able to gather safely later this year.



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