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The Revolution Diaries part 35

Last week I mentioned that I’d realized I might have to add a few extra chapters to the last book of the Scorched Earth trilogy. I did end up doing so, although not in the way I’d initially expected. When looking over what I’d written so far, I thought I could avoid adding a couple of chapters by switching a few around and it worked! However, I then realized I still needed extra chapters when I noticed that I didn’t have enough for one of the subplots. As a result, the book is now sitting at eighty chapters! Settle down for a long read guys!

Following the addition of the new chapters, I wrote some random lines in a few chapters, including the cliffhanger at the end of chapter thirty-two. I then finished up chapter thirty-three and began working on chapter sixteen. This turned into a bit of an unexpected action scene which was quite a pleasant surprise.

On Monday, I managed to meet with the new cover designer who has offered her services. We had a pleasant conversation during which I showed her the example for the wrap-around cover I have in mind, as well as some sketches for a few of the characters. While we were chatting, a man who’d overheard us came over expressing interest, and telling us how he was creating board games with similar sci-fi characters. I told him about the Fire Angel Universe Facebook page to give him an idea of what my books were about, so maybe something interesting will come out of that.


5 thoughts on “The Revolution Diaries part 35

  1. Things are still looking up, Paul! The board game angle looks good! And good to hear about your cover too… it looks like it’s going to be action packed with your characters.
    Oh, and don’t worry about the long read… it just means there’s more story! 🙂

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