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The Revolution Diaries part 38

Shortly after I’d finished writing last week’s post, I completed chapter forty-one of the last book of the Scorched Earth trilogy. With that done, it was time to begin working on the final eight chapters of the first half of the book.

I wrote chapter twenty-one, then briefly jumped over to chapter twenty to write the opening, before beginning to work on chapter twenty-two. This saw quite an unexpected turn – the return of a minor character from my fourth novel, Fire Angel: Igniting the Spark. I hadn’t planned on using them again for a while, and yet here they are! The chapter has also turned into a good setup for a future storyline I have planned. That’s a bit of a bonus.

As I mentioned last week, once I’ve completed the first forty chapters, I plan to begin the final editing of the first half of the book while moving on to work on the second half. With that thought in mind, this week I began transferring the completed chapters from Ywriter, the writing program I use, to Word, where the final editing will take place when the time comes. 


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